Hey Guys!

So I wanted to share with you what I have been currently using on my face, and how great these products are. Below is a list of each product, and my opinion on each. At the very end of this blog post I will link all pages. Enjoy!


The first product I wanted to talk about is this moisturizer! Its by:

ACURE ORGANICS lilac stem cell + chlorella growth factor oil control facial moisturizer.

I found this product as Target for $16.99

When you first apply this product it definitely feels different. You have to apply it quickly, but once it sets in it is the most hydrating cream I have used. Its for combo to oily/blemish prone skin. I can notice a slight difference in the amount of oil that produces on face. The hydrating feeling last for quite awhile too, which is a plus. I feel as though the bottle could be a tad bit bigger :/ this is not a product that you can use just a small amount. I feel as though i have to use a good amount the cover my face. The smell of it is very earthy crunchy which I enjoy. All in all I would repurchase but I will try and find a more affordable organic brand…On to the next 🙂


The second product I wanted to talk to you guys about is this night cream!

This is also by ACURE ORGANICS chlorella growth factor + edeiweiss stem cell

You can find this product at Target for $13.19

Since using this product I can notice a difference in the brightness of my skin around my eyes. It is hydrating. Its suppose to protect and stimulate new collagen, reduce wrinkles and relieve puffiness, which i notice a difference with. Also helps with dark circles. All in all I really like this product so far and would repurchase. There is no scent to this night cream which I like. …on to the next 🙂


Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk $12.00

You can also find this product at Target. ( I love Target, what can i say. )

This product smells so fresh, and like PEACHES! It does what it says, melts away makeup. Apply to your face before wetting it. Then rinse well. Its a pretty good size bottle so it will last me a bit. I would repurchase this product. Very refreshing.


This product was a cool find. I had gone shopping with my love and in one of the little shops we were browsing I found a little collection of these cute lip balms.

By The Merry Hempsters (out of Oregon)- Organic Hemp Balm -Vanilla $2.99

Its interesting, its green in the inside! It smells like hemp. Very moisturizing. They also have an orange flavor that i also picked up. Now one of my go to and favorite lip balms.  Great product!



The last face product I have for you guys that im currently obssesing over is this NYX Cream Blush in Tea Rose!

I purchased this product a while ago at a CVS drugstore for I believe $4.99 and didn’t really wear it because my pale skin did not look good with it. But now that the sun is out more and im getting more color this looks great on my skin! I also have been using this on my lips as well cause why not? Its LOVE I swear!

If you guys happen to use these products, let me know your opinion or if there was something that you have found to be your favorite go to!

Thank you guys for checking out this blog!

If you have any questions, comments, feel free to send me a message!




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