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Turkey Sandwiches & Workouts

Hey everyone!!

I wanted to show you the turkey sandwich I made today for lunch. It was so good!

  1. Wheat sub roll (walmart) 
  2. Asiago ceasar dressing (briannas homestyle)
  3. Chopped red onion
  4. Spinach, organic
  5. Mozorella cheese
  6. Ground turkey
  7. Red pepper paste

It’s so yummy i recommend giving it a try and let me know if you like it!

Aside from my amazing lunch that I had with a big bottle of water, I did a mini yoga/workout this afternoon which was much needed. It felt amazing to just let my body stretch to how it needed to. 

I did about 20 minutes of stretching and mindful breathing and 10 minutes of muscle activating and mini weight lifting. Mainly focusing on my glutes and legs. It feels amazing. Such an amazing high. I didn’t spend loads of time but it was something and every bit counts. 

Off to spend the rest of the evening with my boyfriend and kitty and eat dinner and watch a movie! Not sure what’s on the menu, but we will be watching Passenger! 

What are you guys doing?!

Have a good night guys!

Much love,



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