Moonchild Finds

Collection of Fluorite!

Aren’t they mesmerizing?!

Yup, thats fluorite also known as fluorspar. A mineral made up of calcium and fluoride or calcium flouride. Its chemical form CaF2. It’s ranked a 4 on the scale of hardness.

Fluorite can come in every single color on the color spectrum. Colorful both in visible and ultraviolet light. The word fluorescent is derived from the mineral. Dates back to at least the 1500’s.

Fluorite can also be used for spiritual purposes. Improves decision making, and brings a more wiser balanced view of life. Improves learning. Clarity, purpose, order enhance the strength of other stones. 

Fluorite is personally one of my favorite stones at the moment. I love it’s vibration. I’m drawn to the colors and uniqueness to them. This is currently my collection of flourite. I have them laying around my living room mainly, but when I’m working in my office I like to tag those babies along for extra creativity feels.  I cannot wait to add more to my ever growing collection of stones, crystals, minerals. Yup I love it and I love sharing about it.❤

I want to post individually on each color aspect of fluorite so expect that in the future!  

I started my own etsy shop MoonChildFinds for my love for crystals . If you would like to check it out I will have the link posted below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Melissa xo


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